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What is the Salary of Customer Success Managers (CSM)

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Customer success is one of the fastest growing job families in the technology industry. Data from LinkedIn's January 2018 blog post suggests that there is a 91% increase in customer success manager jobs. Demand for customer success managers (CSM) is ahead of data scientists, product managers and account managers.

Given the high demand and relatively low supply of customer success managers (CSM) in the industry, the most obvious question is how are the salaries trending. To answer this question, I researched several salary survey websites and studies to compile the data

Summary - Based on various public data sources, the average salary for CSM - Customer Success Manager is ~ $77,705, In addition most companies have bonus and incentives to that are in the range of $13,517 and 30,245 respectively

Total Comp is in the range of $92,528 to $128,500. With the median being at $106,345

Customer Success Manager Salaries - Summary

CSM Salary,
Customer Success Manager Salaries - Consolidated View

Glassdoor - As of June, 2018, Average Base Compensation for Customer Success Manager is $ 78,818

Source - https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/customer-success-manager-salary-SRCH_KO0,24.htm

Payscale - Payscale base salaries are 18% lower than Glassdoor for a CSM role. However, they have details on the bonus, incentives and revenue share.

More Detailed Screenshot below

Source - https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Customer_Success_Manager/Salary

LinkedIn - LinkedIn has the highest Base Comp among all the surveys. Base Salaries on LinkedIn for San Francisco (Had to choose a city to get the benchmark) is $87,500. LinkedIn estimates total compensation at $100,000.

Totango - Totango a technology provider for Customer Success Industry and they released a report on the customer success salaries in a detailed report.

Totango's survey results show that the Average Salary is $78,000 (I assume this is base salary)

I can do similar analysis for other titles and roles within the Customer Success Function, Please let me know the role you would like to be compared.

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