About Chandramouli Coorg Subramanian a.k.a CM

About Me


Thanks for visiting my page.  My name is Chandramouli Coorg Subramanian a.k.a CM.  Wondering where CM came from? Here is a brief story in the language of Customer Success


I was forced to innovate and adapt to survive.  As you can see my name is longer than the English alphabet train.  After trying to teach the pronunciation of my name to my clients and colleagues for a few years, I realized I was not setting them up for SUCCESS.  Not to mention giving my corporate email ID on phone was almost impossible.  They all struggled during the Onboarding process of learning my name.  After some thinking, I made learning and remembering my name super simple and fun.  I toyed with few other combinations (A/B Testing) but finalized on CM, there is an M (YUM) taste to it.  The idea of CM was born from customer necessity. 


I live in Austin, TX with my wife and son.  I spend most of my waking time in front of a screen (Computer, Mobile Phone or TV)

Why I do this


My Goal in life is to: Build products that can positively impact a million lives


I am fortunate to be working with some of the greatest minds in the world.  I have gained amazing enterprise business experiences throughout this journey.  I have worked in the areas of customer support, recruiting, management consulting, advisory, customer success, and sales enablement. 


There is a consistent theme that runs across all my experiences i.e. they are all Customer facing roles.  By now you should know that I am super passionate about customer impact and business building.  This website is my way of giving back to the community